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We are a small start-up with a big, global vision. As you can see, we are still in the building stages. For this reason, some categories or uploaded items might not be visible yet. Our goal is to provide you with a 4-in-1 stop that accommodates all of your survival needs. Whether you are in the before, during or after planning stages of survival, for your convenience, we are gathering and categorizing all sorts of tools pertinent to most common disaster types within each of the FOUR elements (EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR). As you allow us to become a small part of your survival planning, we hope to equip you and your loved ones (efficiently and effectively) with the confidence or practical knowledge necessary to endure whatever type of disaster(s) likely to happen within your area.

We are also collaborating with local agencies to offer free local workshops and (perhaps, in the near future) design a decent reference site that offers all types of DIY hacks and disaster relief solutions under the same above elements. The reason why we do what we do is to facilitate your emergency planning process so that you can find a few useful survival tools that are suitable to your needs, create an emergency solution/formula that fits your lifestyle/budget, discover an inspirational or creative idea that motivates or encourages you to establish your own Facebook group or e-commerce platform, or perhaps come across some useful ebooks/guides, videos and other reputable resources of information via any one of our categories, blog posts/social media groups/outlets.

Together we can prepare “FOUR” the worst while hoping “FOUR” the best. :)

The team that helped us bring this store to life is made up of kind, caring and experienced developers, designers and marketers who do their very best to create an interface that is comfortable for you to use. It is vital for us to make your shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Blue Hand (The Sun)
Blue Crystal (The Eagle)
Program Director
The Red Dragon
Creative Manager/Detail Editor/Initiator
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We are always working on improving our web store and open to any suggestions you might have. As we continue to establish and design our new e-commerce platform, feel free to contact us with any questions or networking proposals via the "Contact Us" link below.
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