So…, why Prepare “FOUR”?

Welcome to our first blog post.

So…why Prepare “FOUR”?

“Prepare FOUR” was created with the sensible realization that all natural disasters happen within the four elements:


The purpose is to encourage you (and local communities) to apply this practical knowledge into a survival plan that’s doable anywhere by anyone.

Our hope is to provide you with a viable approach to disaster preparedness that inspires you to take small steps and establish your own platform.

As you feel inspired to do so, we also suggest the use of attainable information/tools/DIY hacks already within reach for you to apply into a practical and an enjoyable setting that just might end up serving as a catalyst to propel others into action.

As we aspire to inspire, we lead by example by preparing our first informational session to educate our locals and raise awareness.

We are excited about and look forward to collaborating with green organizations, our neighbors and other local communities so we can apply/share what we learn together and use it to revisit and revamp our current approaches to emergency planning.

This FREE session is announced on our PrepareFOUR Facebook page.

Finally, we challenge you to start brainstorming on the different ways you can create your own fun groups and customized platforms within any niche of your liking. This will help your local communities to reexamine their approaches to emergency planning and offer them the opportunity to feel more comfortable with presenting and sharing their own ideas, DIY Hacks or survival skills.

We look forward to inspiring you to create anything out nothing in order to protect everything that is dear to your heart: your families, your communities, your nation.

Of course, with all the digital advancements and niche sundries available today, the opportunities to make this happen are endless.

Stayed tuned for our upcoming blog posts as we share our mission, vision, goals and strategic planning, explain in more detail what the acronym “FOUR” stands for, what the soundbite ‘prepare “FOUR” the worst; hope “FOUR” the best’ means to us and how it all ties into what we are doing.

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